Emily Hurd, SaskAbilties

“SaskAbilities was very pleased to work with Marty Edwards (Century 21) and Cathy Edwards (Sanoma Homes) in 2018-2020 on a variety of projects. In 2018, SaskAbilities was seeking a new program space. Marty was extremely helpful, patient and resourceful when it came to finding us a perfect location to suit our needs. Having Cathy as part of the process was invaluable, as she could assist us to envision the space in a new form. We were able to find a space that required a lot of work, and thanks to the input and hard work of Marty and Cathy, SaskAbilities was able to secure the space and turn it into exactly what we needed. Having Marty and Cathy collaborate on this project was invaluable and provided us with a wonderful outcome.

The project management skills of Cathy Edwards are unmatched. We found both Marty and Cathy to be responsive, accountable,

collaborative, and creative. They truly kept our organization’s mission at the heart of all that they did, and they genuinely took our vision and hopes for the project and turned it into a reality.”